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We offer 3 Different Courses using Our Motorcycle and Helmet
All Courses are outside on the motorcycle
You Choose which fits you best

Ride before you Buy Choice #1    Ride by Yourself in a couple of hours
Semi-Private riding lesson on our lightweight motorcycle,
Rider orientation includes controlling the throttle (gas) and  Riding by yourself with great stops
 Sale Price is  $110.00
If you decide to take our complete riding course and we'll deduct $35.00 from our sale price

#2  Basic/Beginner Complete Riding course for Your GA MC License  (never rode )
This class is offered as a Private one on one for Quality,  Your 1st visit is outside on the bike,
 We start at Mounting the mc properly then move you on to learning the controls
    Riding Safe by Yourself is our 1st Goal, We actually teach Stopping over Riding
  Other techniques you'll learn is Lane Changing, Cornering, Curves, Sharp Turns, U-turns 

           Next is the Emergency Techniques that can save your life,
You'll also practice the 5 Techniques needed to pass and receive your GA MC License
(not a Waiver) Receive your GA Motorcycle License on your 2nd visit.

  Our Beg/Basic riding Course consists of 2 visits with our Instructor
both visits includes our lightweight motorcycle and helmet

    (we offer courses 7 days a wk early mornings to beat the heat)
 Your 2nd visit will be to perform the 5 techniques we taught you in front
 of a State Examiner to receive your GA 
Motorcycle License

To schedule a class please go to our contact Page
  Our Private Weekday Course is $275. 
To place your deposit click on Payment and pay the deposit of $140
You may than bring the balance of $135 on the day of your class
or pay it by Debit the Day Before your class 

 Weekend Private Riding Course $305. deposit is $165
Please tell us the best time to contact you or you may call us at 770 413 1774
   All Courses Includes:
 2 Visits with Our Instructor along with the training
using our lightweight motorcycle and helmet

If you need or want more seat time you can purchase it at $45 an hour
We are Pass when you're ready   

                #3 Already Riding,    Just Need your GA Motorcycle License,Take our Mini Course & Exam
               Our Semi-Private mini riding course includes our small motorcycle
               up to 2hrs of intense training. We'll teach you the Emergency techniques.,
along with the 5 techniques needed to perform to pass the
riding Exam,
                             The exam is immediately after your class using our mc and helmet
               You Must have a Temporary Motorcycle Permit 1st and Really know how to ride already
                    Sale Price is $165  Leave with your MC License  Wed. Thur. or Fri. 7am to 11am

You may register by filling out our Contact Form and a placing a Deposit of $90.00
                        to secure your motorcycle class, balance is due on the day of the class of $75.00 or Prepay

    Please call or Text any questions to 770 413 1774 daily till 8:00PM                
Note Know the Facts : No School can just Give you a License Waiver
Just because you Took Their course,

With any Riding School, You Must Pass the Mental Knowledge Exam
 You can do that at any DDS with no appointment necessary
by taking a computer exam of 20 questions, pass and receive GA Temporary Motorcycle Permit

  The 2nd part of the licensing process is to pass a Physical Riding Exam
At Sunshine's we separate out learning to ride from your exam

 We are Not the GMSP Pass or Fail Course with 9 to 12 Riders that share ride time
      We offer Quality Private courses at a reasonable rate since 1996
the No Frills School just Great Safety Training

Everybody Needs a Little Sunshine!

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