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Please check back in a couple months,

Due to the Pandemic we are Currently Not Accepting new students

Several of Our Instructors choose to take a leave of absence for safety reasons
We currently have a shortage of Instructors

SunShine's is the 1st Private Riding School Approved By Dept. of Drivers Services,      

             We're all about keeping you safe as you learn to ride, 1 person at time since 1996                        
Learn on our lightweight motorcycle     
                                      We are Not the Pass or Fail GMSP Course with 9 to 12 Riders that share your ride time.                                     

The No Frills School with Just Great Training, One rider at a time while keeping you safe       
            As of July 1st, 2020 we can longer offer our Free motorcycle and Instructor to use for the         motorcycle riding exam

To place a down payment   Enter the Amount of your Down Payment in the blank box then click on Add to Cart   
 We currently only accept Debit   Balance Due is paid the day before by Debit or bring cash 

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