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 Please Read Before You Schedule your class, YOU MUST Ride a Regular Bicycle
 before you come to class, within 10day (not that use to ride or rode a bicycle years ago

   Borrow a bicycle or rent one, Riding the bicycle reminds your body of balance
please reschedule if you Didn't get a chance to ride regular Bicycle
Note: You may be sent home and a $50 Instructor rescheduling Fee charged
(with out riding a bicycle 1st, it will take up Too Much of your course time to get you riding
  If We can even get you riding by yourself at all) you can be sent home. RIDE A BICYCLE

   Please read our Policies:
  • Weather: plan to show up, your Instructor will contact in case of rain, we can have up to a 2 hr Rain Delay
  • All students must arrive fifteen minutes prior to scheduled class
  • Please do not plan anything after your class we may run over 
  • Boots with a Low Heel Only 1/2' heel, (no 2 inch heels or higher) No Steel toe boots, no cowboy boots
  • Must have a good Arch on the outside on the bottom, for the peg to fit into
  • Bring a Long sleeve jacket for riding (lightweight in the summer)
  • Eye protection required  (Prescription and Sun glasses permitted)
  • Full fingered gloves, Bring a bandana or skull cap for Under Our Helmet
  • You may bring your own helmet  Our school can provide a helmet
  • Bring Plenty of Snacks, Lunch, Water,  (your riding course is All outdoors)
  • Spectators are not permitted
  • Deposits are non-refundable and you have up to 60 days to use your deposit, we want you to ride
  • Reschedule-is permitted 1 time with a 48 Hr advanced notice, by calling our office 770 413 1774
  •   we'll deduct this out of your deposit 
  • All Reschedules Must be within 30days of 1st appointment or payment will be forfeited
  • A No Show is your Instructor has left home to meet you,  fee is $75 before we can schedule you again.
  • No Reschedules will be allowed after 45 days,
  • Cannot be late        
    Call Center hours are 9:00am to 9:00pm 770 413 1774, (sorry not even for directions)
        Please be sure to get detailed Directions in advance from your Instructor as to which Lot 
          you will meet him at on  the day of your Class. Your instructor will call you 1 or 2 days before your class
                       Please keep your Instructor's Cell number with you and your Cell On & Charged 

 By clicking below and placing a deposit you are agreeing that you have read our Policy

Sale Week Day Private Riding course / Sale $255 Deposit is $120. Be ready for 2018
Sale Weekend  Private Riding course  / Sale $275 Deposit is $140       
Please call our office to see available Dates or to pay over the phone and register at 770-413-1774
  Just ad the amount you are paying 
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