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              Please Read Before You Schedule your class, YOU MUST Ride a Regular 2 wheel Bicycle
           before you come to class, within 10days (its not that you use to ride or you rode a bicycle years ago
                                                                        Its Body Memory 
  Borrow a bicycle or Rent one, Riding the bicycle reminds your body of balance, 
  please reschedule if you Didn't get a chance to ride a Bicycle
                                 (48Hrs notice to reschedule with no Rescheduling Fee)
If you don't have balance, You may be sent home and a $50 Instructor rescheduling Fee will be charged
                                                                        RIDE A BICYCLE 
  Basic/ Beginner Rider course to receive your GA MC License and Completion Certificate
  Please Fill out our contact form also, Price includes our motorcycle and helmet for both visits

  Sale Week Day Private Riding course / Sale $245  Deposit is $125. Bring the balance of $120
  Sale Weekend  Private Riding course /  Sale $275  Deposit is $155. Bring the balance of $120
        We accept Credit or Debit for Deposits. The Balance due in cash on the day of class
Or pay it by Debit online or over the phone the day before
              If you desire or need more ride time its $45

  Already Riding Just Needs a GA License
   Mini Course:  Must have Temporary MC Permit for this course
   Weekday Semi-Private Mini Course & Exam - Same Morning
   Deposit is $85  Bring the balance of  $80 to class
     * Must Know How and you Are Riding Currently ( not as a kid)  Weekday sale  $165
  Saturday Mini Course & Exam,
Deposit is $115. Bring the balance of  $75 to class, Leave with your GA MC License
      To Register: Just add the amount you are paying,  Layaway Payments Accepted in $50. Deposits

We accept Credit Cards for Deposits only, Balance due is paid by Debit or Cash on the day of your class
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