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In this stressful time, You can still learn to ride,
we  tech 1 Person with 1 Instructor and 1 Motorcycle  
 Sunday Private Sale $315. down payment $185

  Saturday Private Sale $295. down payment $165

Semi Private  Sale $240. ea   down payment $140 ea

Marietta Location only -  Sale for $265 Weekday down payment $135

Riding Course Down Payment

$135.00 - $185.00

Down Payment only

Buy Riding Course (full payment)

$240.00 - $315.00

Pay in full

SunShine's is the 1st Private Riding School Approved By Dept. of Drivers Services, DDS     
We're all about keeping you safe as you learn to ride 1 person at time since 1996
We have an Excellent Safety Record,  We're a family owned riding school  with no frills
just great training with safety, quality and TLC,  learn at your pace. 
We're a mobile school so we teach and we don't sell motorcycles.  We train you to ride safe        
as always 1 person at a time, unless you request to learn with a friend.  
All day outdoors learning to ride, just you, our motorcycle, Instructor and time.    
Your 2nd visit (is after you have your Temporary MC Permit) 2nd visit,
you'll practice the exam then perform the 5 riding techniques,
Pass and receive your GA Motorcycle License  2nd visit  ($25. MC & Ins. fee  due)                          
Our start times and days are Flexible  7 days a week, year round, 1 person at a time               
Tells us when you're available to come out and we can make it happen      
We'll can  tailor a course just for you on our motorcycle then yours, Scooter or Trike                                       
Check out our Curriculum Page for more details and courses                   
SunShine's offers our motorcycle and helmet to learn to ride
Receive your Completion Certificate to lower your Insurance               
  Our call center hours Mon-Sat 9:30am to 9:00pm     770 413 1774 and text
 Voice or Text also  Email us:
We train in Several Different areas  from Atlanta, Auburn, Buford, Canton, Cumming, Dallas,
 Canton, Dallas, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville,  Loganville,  Marietta, Snellville,    770 413 1774                                
                             Everybody Needs A Little SunShine!   Learn at Your Pace
Our owner, "The First Lady of Motorcycle Safety," SunShine Johnston saw a need for more personalized training after meeting so many "would be" riders who were unable to keep up with similar curriculum's that employed more classroom than on the motorcycle learning. After some investigation she realized that not everyone could ride in the strict time frames that other schools enforced.  In other schools if a student can't keep up with their strict  fast pace curriculum they were expelled, they are made to leave, yes they have to get up and leave in front of the class, how humiliating and this still goes on in 2020. Seeing not only the unfairness in this but also their lack of building a safe foundation for each student to make sure they succeed to their riding skill potential. That's when she formed SunShine's Learn to Ride Motorcycles, 1996
   Sunshine has had fun teaching people from all walks of life to include Rapper Ludacris of Atlanta, Wrestlers own Nitro girls, Jonesboro Police, Duluth Police. and some old timers like DJ.Rhubarb Jones and his wife and don't forget Santa Claus, Along with several Wife's of the owners of Harley Davidson Dealerships.  We train from 16yrs and up on our lightweight motorcycles.  The most important value we hold is that SunShine's Saves Lives! By incorporating safer methods and flexible time requirements on learning a certain riding technique, we have been able to build confidence in riders, and provide them with the skill set needed to safely ride on the road.  They Learn at Their Pace! We provide year round training, seven days a week in the form of private one-on-one training or bring a friend and never in the rain. We want you relaxed to learn. 
    Please Call or Text us at (770) 413-1774  email us at                    
                                           Everybody Needs a Little Sunshine!
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